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favorite quotes from ninth doctor

Does anyone else really wish Donna would have found this guy? Or that she could find him now that she’s you know, forgotten everything. Even if it was in a different time and planet.

No? Okay.

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    My heart broke in half when he saw her at the end and was like ‘D-D-D-‘
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    I am so disappointed that she didnt find him and it makes me sadder that he found her :( Bittersweet actually.
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    When I found out she was getting married and not to this guy, I was very upset. I don’t care they should’ve found each...
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    Yes, they would have been a beautiful couple and he’ll be there for her after she forgot about everything and they would...
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    my heart broke. his stutter.
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    But they both remembered each other at the end of the Library episode and I like to think that he is out there searching...
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